Romina Garcia

Romina Garcia

Graphic Designer, [translator] & editor

Why so many things in one?

Well, I have a love affair with type and words. From their shape, to their root, to their meaning, words can have an enormous impact—both visually and emotionally.

As a designer, I like to come up with graphic solutions that sell, ones that are memorable and communicate feelings. Through graphic design, messages can be expressed in so many different ways, with color, shapes, images –in big bold letters or elegant thin ones– with symbols, illustrations, or the subtle use of white space.

So why an editor? I also enjoy refining ideas, finding the perfect word for a specific sentence, and specially catching those mistakes that most people ignore. It is always thrilling to have a problem to solve, to have limits and to have to communicate clearly what the client is trying to say. And the translator part? In truth, I have always loved languages. As a Spanish speaker, I came to the U.S. when I was still quite young. I entered college almost right away and so, I was obliged to learn English very quickly, which besides giving me quite a few headaches and sleepless nights, also compelled me to discover new ways to express myself, expand my knowledge, and again, explore the infinite world of words. As a translator, I have realized that languages serve as a bridge between cultures, the perfect means to travel to other places and meet new people without having to get on an airplane.